El Condor Pasa



El Condor Pasa

When I was a child, the time spent with my grandmother was full of affection.

As I did not have a father, my mother had to work hard and always came home late at night.
That is why the time spent with my grandmother was the longest in my childhood.
My grandmother often listened to the music of Simon & Garfunkel while making handicrafts.
Most of all, our favorite was "El Condor Pasa".

One day, my mother sent me a box full of mementos, foods and cans from my hometown.
One of them was a cassette tape that had not been used for ages.

The title said "Simon & Garfunkel El Condor Pasa".
The moment I saw that, my mind flew back to the time with my grandmother.

As a child, a condor was an imaginary creature that I had never seen nor heard of.
I was just told by my grandmother that a condor is a huge bird which flies up so high in the sky.

Gazing at the food and the cans that were sent to me, I came up with a story of the imaginary creature "Condor".

The imaginary creature "Condor" is covered with a red scarf. He has a head, feather and a tail, all made of metal. The legs made with numerous fishes look a little grotesque but they have massive stability. He easily skips over the rocky place of figs that has a sheer cliff, the king of crab which wears a crown, and the partially completed condors with no heads. Finally the invincible bird reaches the warmhearted place with full of love where my grandmother exists.

By expressing this story as the artwork, the imaginary creature “Condor” guides my mind towards my grandmother in Heaven and lets me time travel.

In other words, this artwork reminds me of the affectionate connection between my grandmother and myself and is the proof that my grandmother still lives on in my heart.

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