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One Watch.
Ten Photographers.

No two people see a watch the same way.
That’s the fun of it. To prove the point, we sent
the same Hamilton to ten photographers in
ten different countries. These are the results.





How do you see a watch? Most of us never ask that question. Photographers do. And every time you see a picture of a time- piece, the image is somebody’s answer.
As someone who has shot his share of watches, I think it’s all about context. Yes, a watch is an object designed from the ground up to integrate with our day-to-day lives. But how we see it dep- ends on who we are and what we bring to the watch – our needs, our aesthetics. The watch is the constant. We are the variable.
So as a study in the breadth of human perspective, we asked 10 incredible photographers to each create a single image of the same watch: The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical.
Arguably the definitive military field watch, the Khaki is root- ed in simplicity. With its 38mm matte steel case, crisp white dial, and tan leather NATO strap, it’s an elemental design. Nothing more is needed. Nothing more is desired. As such, it’s an ideal neutral subject for our photographers, allowing them to apply both their physical lenses and the lens of their own creativity.
Here are their images, each including an explanation of the photographer’s inspiration. And if you want to play along at home, you can grab your own Khaki for about 500 bucks.

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Photographers in order of appearance:




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