LensCulture Winter Exhibition 2017


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These photographers were chosen by the directors of Klompching Gallery for the LensCulture Winter Print Show 2017.

Prints from $300.00

We are very proud to present the 40 remarkable photographers who caught the attention of our distinguished panel of curators for our winter exhibition. The photographers, hailing from countries near and far (Australia, Belgium, Japan, The Netherlands, the United States, France, Indonesia, Italy, Argentina, and more), are each utilizing the medium in striking and innovative ways. Their thoughtful approach to the subject matter and the potency of their vision stood out to our assembled group of fine art professionals as deserving of exposure on the world stage.
20 of these images will be on view at Klompching Gallery in New York City from December 13-23. These photographs “showcase a range of exceptional contemporary photography from different genres, appealing to both a wide audience and a collector base,” in the words of gallery directors and owners Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching. Their carefully curated array of striking work explores diverse topics, including a portrait from Africa that defies stereotypes; landscape work informed by the New Topographics; a conceptual blueprint of a person’s character comprised of information from Facebook posts; an image taken at a private Hassidic wedding; and a portrait that reveals eating habits in Mumbai.
Further, our panel of curators and gallery professionals, including Yumi Goto, Dina Mitrani, Susan Nalband, and Caroline O’Breen, selected an additional 20 photographs for the online-only component of the show. These works offer a fascinating showcase of fine art images being produced around the world today. While some of the artists chose a more conceptual approach (one photographer investigates the brutality of East Germany and the impact of the Berlin Wall through mysterious and affecting shots of files held by the secret police), others chose to present immediately captivating images that resonate with desire, expectation, affection, and hope. From Idaho, USA to the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, this curated collection displays stunning examples of fine art photography from places all over the globe. Take a closer look at each of the works chosen; we hope you discover something new and inspiring.

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