Lenscratch Exhibition Article

Exhibition Article

The 2020 International Juried Show at the Center of Photographic Arts

Excerpt from the article/Aline Smithson/LENSCRATCH
Many of the other selections spoke to the profound change in the photographic dialogue with artists intervening with the images in a myriad of ways. I have always thought that it was a loss to photographic education when photography and art were separated in many MFA programs. Happily I am witnessing a pushback to the flood of digital imagery in the world today with many artists are returning to alternative processes, intervening with the surface of their imagery through collage, cutting and sewing, and using the digital and wet darkroom to transform and amaze. Also important and transformative is the deep thinking about photographs today as artists share the reasons behind their photographic intentions. We are using photography as a vehicle to metaphorically mine our personal lives, to speak to profound issues of race and gender, to understand the inner psychology of trauma, loss, and memory. Photography is so much more than taking a beautiful photograph, it’s a unique and universal language all its own, with incredible power—and amazingly, the ability to create change.


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