Biennale of the Tangible Image

Satellites Exhibitions

Biennale of the Tangible Image   Satellites Exhibitions

(at 9 rue des Deux Gares 75010 Paris. / November 1er and the 31 December 2018 )


Selected artists from the 2018 edition

Beatriz Toledo / Hélène Marcoz / Clarisse Tranchard / Maxime Touratier / Elizaveta Konovalova / Jonathan Paquet / Veronique Bourgoin / Alban Gervais / Matthieu Boucherit / Nicolas Hosteing / Lisa Sartorio / Rafael Serrano / Janaina Wagner / Manuela Granziol / Edouard Taufenbach / Cyril Hatt / Florian Schmitt / Frédéric Messager / Justine Delobel / Michael Wittassek / Nicolas Baudouin / Anouck Durand-Gasselin / David Leleu / Laure Tiberghien / Sylvie Bonnot / Benjamin Ottoz / Ana Bloom / Anne-Camille Allueva / Julie Rochereau / Thierry Fournier / Edouard Burgeat / Brice Krummenacker / Mélody Seiwert / Claire Jolin / Daniele Gibrat / Fanny Gosse / Rebecca Topakian / Mehryl Levisse / Victoria Arhens / Swen Renault / Julien Lombardi / Matthieu Lor / Pascal Bauer / Thomas Cheneseau / Jonas Delhaye / Sophie Carles / Shinya Masuda.


The Biennial of Tangible Image explores practices that tend to emancipate themselves from a classic use of photography. Whether by support, technique or form, the Biennale wants to discover new languages ​​at the limit of this medium.

The first edition of the Biennial will take place in November / December 2018 in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris. It will include a main exhibition, as well as twenty events in galleries and partner venues, whose artists will be selected by an independent jury.

Twenty satellite exhibitions will be organized in the 20e arrondissement of Paris with partner venues.

Galleries and cultural places will host these exhibitions: Platform Gallery, 22,48 m2 Gallery, Interval Gallery, ICI gallery, Last Days Gallery, Villa Belleville, Menilmontant Theater …



The Tangible Image Biennale is organized by the association of the same name, domiciled at 9 rue des Deux Gares 75010 Paris.

The Biennial of Tangible Image proposes to present in various exhibition venues of the 20è arrondissement of Paris a selection of works that tend to emancipate themselves from a classic approach of the photographic medium. The festival dates are between the November 1er and the 31 December 2018.



The Biennial of Tangible Image proposes to present during 2 months of programming of exhibitions and events, a selection of works that tend to emancipate themselves from a classic use of the photographic medium. By eliminating previously accepted rules, the selected works participate directly in an expansion of the field of their discipline.

Whether in search of new media, hybrid techniques or even a new relationship to reality, it will demonstrate in these exhibitions that photography never ceases to invent. Far from dying out with digital, it is instead the beginning of a new story that this biennale intends to support and disseminate. Like the painting that was attached to reality until the advent of photography, the latter gradually frees itself to become diverse and protean.

Starting with the search for new uses, processes and means of dissemination, the event will also focus on presenting prospective and fictional works. In this, it will actively support the emergence of new languages ​​and new practices. As a hypothesis, photography will take us from present time to a future not yet written. A fundamental evolution for an art perceived as that of reality.

In a wide but demanding selection, the jury will work on a selection that links photography to the image. A photograph that upsets the assumptions of reality, a photograph that changes nature, form and postulate. In doing so, it will help to enrich the public’s perception of the discipline. By not escaping the complexity of the world and its incessant transformations, photography has never reflected the times as well.


Instagram award

An Instagram public award will be organized ahead of the Biennale de l’Image Tangible, from 1er to 31 October 2018.

The artists selected by the Jury to participate in the Biennale’s satellite exhibitions will see images of their works published on the Biennale’s Instagram page, daily.

The post that will reach the highest number of “likes” will win the prize.
The winner will be announced on the day of the opening of the Biennial.
The competition will feature a prize for the winner: a production of works, a journalistic interview by the Contemporary Point.

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