PhotoSummer- Color Cue: Explorations in Perception Projection


PhotoSummer- Color Cue: Explorations in Perception Projection 

June 14 – 15 The Santa Fe Railyard, near the Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe.
In conjunction with the Currents New Media Festival
Color Cue: Explorations in Perception is a juried projection featuring photographic images that explore color as a subject, muse, and scientific phenomenon. Utilizing color theory and the effects of color combinations, Color Cue exposes an underlying conceptual framework that brings into question how the environment and culture affect the perception of color. For centuries color was considered an unexplained phenomenon until Isaac Newton discovered color waves in the 1660’s through his experimentations with sunlight and prisms. Through the years, humanity has continued to make discoveries and create theories about how and why color is a part of the visual experience. Photography has played a vital role in advancing the understanding of the visual world – from the invention of color film to the creation of lenses, photography has helped us understand how we see.
This summer CENTER is teaming up with the Interplanetary Festival and the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, NM to produce two public projection programs. On Friday June 9th and Saturday June 10th, Conjured Futures will show in the Santa Fe Railyard alongside the Interplanetary Festival, and on Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th, Color Cue: Explorations in Perception will present in the same location alongside the Currents New Media Festival.
Featured Artists: Farras Abdelnour, Kalee Appleton, Syl Arena, Brenda Biondo, Stephanie Nnamani, Roger Camp, Peggy Curtis, Matthew Ford, Matthew Gamber, Gianmaria Gava, Reid Harer, Natalja Kent, Gurudarshan Khalsa, Sarah Knobel, Shinya Masuda, Andy Mattern, R.A. McBride, David Ricci, Catherine Roberts Leach, Allen Ruttenberg, Evgeniya Sterlyagova, Laurinda Stockwell, and Tom Turner.
For more information on PhotoSummer events, contact Whitney Wernick at:
Image credits: top: ©SHINYA MASUDA middle: ©SARAH KNOBEL bottom: ©GIANMARIA GAVA

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