This is a virtual art space dedicated to some of the talented photographers from our community. It is updated weekly and everyone who submits their work to the award can be considered, whether shortlisted or not. The Collection is curated by our editors based purely on their appreciation, and provides a platform to celebrate more diverse photographic stories.

New to the Life Framer Collection: Shinya Masuda (@shinya_masuda_605) with his series Hanafuda Shouzoku.

“My work consists of eccentric colors and decaying subjects. By merging odd motifs, I wish to create the harmony, stimulation, and solemnity at once. The decayed foods depicted in the work are the gifts from my mother; one day, I unintentionally spoiled a box of fruits and vegetables that my mother had sent from my hometown, without even taking them out of the box. I stared down at the rotten veggies lying in the box, which now became their coffin. The sight pained me, but at the same time, it reminded me of the words my late grandmother used to say: “all things must pass.”

Once their time in this world has passed, all life loses forms. While recognizing that providence, I also yearned to capture the afterglow of love that my mother must have sent along with those items…”

Image by Shinya Masuda. See more at

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